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    Other than the FOMC interest rate announcements what other economic reports/announcements can have a big effect on the markets action the day that it is reported. Looking for something that will affect the overall general market and not a specific sector.
    What reports do day traders generally look out for or avoid trading around.
    Do you know of a good site that outlines the important reports/announcements.
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    invest in a stock traders almanac....
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    NFP, Non Farm Payroll, 1st Friday of every month. At one time it was synonomous with interest rate hike. Not so much anymore, but I would certainly be aware of the estimates and the implications if the estimates are missed by much.
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    1. Quarterly results announcement days
    2. A stock that is subject to takeover, acquisition, merger, etc...
    3. FED decisions, including meeting minutes
    4. Lower your risk when one of the Fed main members is speaking, including testimony in congress
    5. Big global events, like Brexit, the US election, etc
    6. Terrorist anniversary dates, 9/11
    7. Days where dividends are to be paid.