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    Read the letter, not the book. I like it. It's a very good idea to be able to capture, reward and benefit from the gig-econ. Tax relief for secondary or independent income is likely the best possible incentive to boost local GDP, at least the best workable incentive in the modern political society as it intersects the global economy.

    Being stateside, and given our profuse political rhetoric I likely would have substituted the word "trading," for something else though. Goofy Tobin-Tax is circling around these parts again. Best not to even suggest that word in their pretty little heads else it might actually find life.

    The far ends of each side, both the Right and the Left are beginning to find themselves in agreement with each other on some issues though they may derive their initial talking points from different sources. Scary things can blossom this happens ((shudder)).

    Wasn't that long ago when the intelligencia in the West found Marxist Communism fashionable. Not until Stalin began mass-murdering his own people did they begin to think "hey, maybe this isn't so cool after all."

    Problem is everything goes in cycles and it's been just long enough for enough people to have forgotten their own history that the trend changes...again.

    Enough before I rant.

    Good luck.