Edge of Tomorrow

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    One of my favorite actors is Tom Cruise. Cruise has many entertaining films, such as
    War of the Worlds, Jerry Maguire, Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report, Oblivion, Mission Impossible and many more. In my opinion, the only actor I place on his level is Tom Hardy.

    I rarely watch any film more than once, but I enjoyed Mr Cruise's film Edge of Tomorrow on three occasions. The movie was based upon Hiroshi Sikurazaka’s novel
    “All You Need is Kill". The chemistry between Cruise and Emily Blunt is outright palpable as they both are forced to engage Aliens in a never ending time loop.

    I can perceive this movie as a metaphor in the journey of trading.
    Every mistake of the dynamic duo is a valuable learning experience
    and their guaranteed demise. Death's doorway brings another opportunity
    to repeat mistakes, frustrations, and inevitable failure/suicide.

    Their commitment and resolve constantly and consistently smashed till they give up multiple times. Only to be resurrected again, till they are both changed within and without to the point of trying anything and everything to make progress. The end of this film eventually makes a hero, who understands true victory and winning is something
    that must be gracefully handled alone.
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    Then you are imagining the wrong metaphor. Sorry man, THIS is trading...

    I can think of others if you wish. I have a whole library in my head. :)
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    I love me some Star Trek too, but I need a hero's
    ending or I just want to stay in bed and let my
    wife do all the trading.
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    So I guess you will not like options trading. L0l

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    Mainstream Media Reports The News - Stelter's Mentor...

    Edge Of Tomorrow Indeed...
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