Edge or Luck?

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  2. Edge

    Bigger edge than stonk
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    The mindset of a loser. If you lose 11$, you lose 11$ not 1$
    There is no such thing as playing with the houses money.
    100% luck OR he picked lotteries with a positive expected value.
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    Speaking of mindset's, Helene Hadsell's "The Contest Queen" story is interesting. Her string of winnings over a lifetime are a demonstration of +EV.

    She attributes her success to simply following directions from the book "The Power of Positive Thinking."
  5. You absolutely cannot win in a lottery or in any casino....that's a complete Fool's game, mission.
    At least not consistently, dependably,

    The market, however, there's much more than a glimmer of hope for the experienced, wise, calm, patient, and open-minded, and intelligent and independent-minded.
    A trader can make significant amounts of money from the market,
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    theres a movie coming out about a husband wife that found a positive expectancy in the US lotteries. They made millions.
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    you know the title?
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    That's the stupidest thing I've ever read about lotteries.

    The author of that article, "Lustig". should be forced to put half his money in the lottery, and follow his own advice. Let's see how those odds work out. Moron.
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    That’s such a great story! They did almost 30mil over a decade. He found an exploit and they worked it.
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    I remember there was a movie where characters were fixing local lotteries. Are you sure these people didn’t have some inside info?
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