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  1. Does anybody have a good site they use that lists the forecast for the upcoming EIA report? I didn't have much luck finding one. The only website I found doesn't list the forecast until AFTER the report has been released so it serves no purpose.

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    I presume you are looking for a free site. Several websites have the number, but you need to pay for it. Try this link:

    You need to scroll down the page to see the forcast for tomorrow. On top of the page is last week's forecast and actual number.

    The EIA also release other numbers at the same time, like refinery inputs and distillates.

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  3. Yeah I was preferring free, thanks for the help!
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  5. Honestly, those forecasts numbers doesn't seem to help that much. You can, however, look for news on API crude inventory hours before the EIA announcement. It can be predictive but that number may already be reflected in price before the actual announcement.