embryonic spammer

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, May 14, 2010.

  1. looks like is planning to promote his business on ET's dime. read first 4 posts carefully (self-made signature, a bulletin, etc.)

  2. Perhaps. I'll keep an eye on him. For the moment, i've deleted his link and will warn him.
  3. Shouldn't you be fighting REAL crime? You obviously have a passion for it.

  4. I know sometimes ET can be unusually kind to spammers, but

    this person (traderkenny) is ONLY here to spam. I know his "links" were removed, but his headlines and posts are only for the purposes of building an advisory service

    BOTTOM of his threads (also similar at top of threads):

    Any copy, reprint, broadcast or distribution of this report of any kind is prohibited without the express written consent of James Mound Trading Group LLC.

    WHAT "SUBSCRIBER" means?

    (TraderKenny latest post. URLs creep back in)

    Futures Press Inc., the publisher, and/or its affiliates, staff or anyone associated with Futures Press, Inc. or www.learnaboutfutures.com, do not guarantee profits or pre-determined loss points, and are not held monetarily responsible for the trading losses of others (subscribers or otherwise).