Equities trading Alternatives

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  1. No longer professionally affiliated and now must trade retail. What are my options at Schwab if I can't trade minis there? Yes, I asked them. I should have posted here first.

    Sure had it good when I could just walk over to another trading ring and give someone my order and watch it get filled.
  2. go to interactive brokers.. you can trade about anything there
  3. For retail i think IB, Lightspeed are both good for equities. Cant beat TOS for options; IB better from commision perspective but software not comparable to tos.

    For eminis there are a handful; either IB, TOS are fine i guess. Couple of other good ones i personally have/had accounts with are velocity and mirus.

  4. Thanks. I didn't phrase it right: what I mean is, what can I trade at schwab? In other words, what's the alternative to a futures contract? Some ETF or something? I'm not switching brokers.

    Thx in advance.
  5. jhc, you have to ask that?

  6. not "Elite" nuff 4 u?:D
  7. yeah. I made a market in financial futures while you were skateboarding. I have no earthly f_cking idea what you retail folks trade.

    Apparently you don't know the answer, either.

    Geez, Baron, who's babysitting these brats now?
  8. If your thinking S&P, the SPY is the ETF that tracks it.