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  1. This works good, I have tested it on my own, and Sharpe 2 is easily possible. You can do your own testing here as it is easy to setup. Just look at the charts on the video below to get an idea which indicators are used. Basically here intermarket correlation from T-Bonds, Gold, and DXY, second some seasonal forecasting (also Larry Williams do this a lot in his trading) and third a COT based sentiment indicator + Price Action setup for the exact points when to enter and exit. This trader also was recently very profitable with it. This kind of trading setup works (and must work to some extent). You can do your own finetuning here. I am not for his courses as you can easily do your own testing here, it is pretty easy to backtest on your own. You only need to watch the videos once, this is enough. Works especially on S&P Futures and Nasdaq Futures. And other instruments (except less liquid Dow Futures) I have some doubts. But see yourself.

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    This is your repeat post.

    So this is the repeated reply.

    I guess you will keep on posting thousands and thousands of new threads about the trading youtube videos which you have Googled from the internet.

    Next new thread please (unless the administrator deletes it).


    Strange ....

    Why are you not evaluating it?!?!?!?!
    Since you are the OP,
    you should watch the video first.
    Then go evaluate it.
    And let us know your results.

    Do note that we can Google for such things.
    And there are the
    thousands of such things (mostly worthless) out there.

    So Q is this the worthy penny stocks trading video?

    Or are you trying to sell some services?
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    You failed to show your results.
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    Bravo ! @maxinger
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    people making money seldom post video's - not saying it can't happen but saying it's not probable.
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    On certain days I see intermarket correlation with almost ALL the global Indices.

    Is a "setup" a determining factor in making other traders consistently profitable?

    As a comparison, that's like assuming showing up the first day for
    BUD/S training will make anyone a Navy Seal.o_O
  7. Hello MarkBrown,

    LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, I agree 1000%

    It is very very challenge finding AND trading Edge with real money. The work load is overwhelming at times.

    I will never ever in my life make a video on how to make serious money trading the ES for anyone to ever see. I would be dumbest and most stupidest person that ever existed on the planet to every do such a thing.

    I would just be thankful to God, I am making serious money trading ES, and too tired to even make a darn video for Youtube.

    No man or woman will ever make a video and post on YouTube how to make serious money trading the ES. EVER, not in a million years.
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    People post videos about making money to make money.
  9. Want to know a better and simpler strategy that works great on YM and NQ (maybe ES too, I never pay much attention to it)? On a 5 min chart, look for price to hit an AOS/AOR and watch for RSI divergence. Put your RSI setting to 7 to make it easy to see. You do not need any other indicators beside drawing trendlines on your chart. If you do not care for the RSI, you can also see it clearly on a MACD with a 3/10/16 setting.
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    How would something like that work in terms of setup and entry trigger?
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