Event Betting at Kalshi: How to place a new bet?

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  1. Hi Sponsor (Kalshi) & Others, I read this review and also visited the Kalshi website, but still have some questions:

    1) how does one start a new bet?
    Is this comparable to short-selling stocks or options?
    What about the expiration date? Ie. can the bet creator specify this? What is the max possible time frame?
    How can others, ie. buyers, find my bet. Is there a list of all active bets?
    What about Volume and Open Interest numbers?

    2) which political bets are hot at the moment? Ie. those with much action/volume

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    Don't you think it is a little impolite to ask 6 questions in one post?
  3. Nope. It's just 2 main Qs with some related subQs.
    Question your own reaction, man.
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    Actually it was eight questions.
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    Thanks for the questions!
    A) You can make any trade by selecting the market you want to trade on and placing a limit/quick order. If you mean how you can start a new contract, you can just DM me here or email support@kalshi.com your contract idea and we'll work on adding it to the exchange. Most of the contracts that are live originated from user suggestions, we just need to properly write the document and certify with the government before allowing trading
    B) If you buy a "No" position you're basically betting that the event won't happen, which could be seen as similar to short selling. The biggest difference is that in our model you're buying a No position instead of selling, so the price you see on the platform is the same as the collateral needed.
    C) When you suggest your market you can say how long you want it to be. We have a lot of multi year contracts, we don't have any max possible timeframe.
    D) The list can be found after you sign up by clicking "markets" on the navbar. There are different filtering/sorting mechanisms so it's easy to navigate
    E) If you mean the volume/open interest per market, you can see that by going to the market page. If you mean overall in the platform, you can find it in our regulatory filings which you can find in the footer

    2. One of our biggest political contracts at the moment is on the debt ceiling. We also have many big economic focused ones like Fed rates, inflation, etc.
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  6. Thanks Kalshi, I begin to get it.
    I think you will have a big success with your company, b/c it's really a cool idea, and even better when regulated by the state, much like the other regular US exchanges.
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    Thank you for the kind words! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything :)
  8. I've got just this final question:
    When do you think will this your service be available also in other countries?
    B/c currently it seems to be available only in the US.
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    We aren't 100% set on the timeline, but I believe in the next year we should start opening to other countries as well
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  10. %%
    LLL, founder;
    LOOKS like the SPY benchmark thinks or acts like there is another debt downgrade coming\ even if they may agree to the US house of reps??[As of THUR 9;52 CST
    Can you personal public comment on that [with out SEC disapproval or frowns/LOL]:D:D
    I dont consider this a bet\ but; barchart opinion system still has an 88% buy\ mostly good buy on medium + /long term !! %
    CANT really predict it, just looking for some forecasting %%:caution::caution:
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