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    Market Profile Chart
    et Market Profile Chart.jpg
    Tips on Technicals - Market Profile©
    " . . . Used to: Analyze time and price relationships"

    " . . . please explain - What Are Market Profiles?"
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    Volume and TPO Analysis Essentials
    " . . . Similar to volume profiles, time-price-opportunity (TPO) profiles are histograms of how much time was spent at each price within the span of the profile rather than volume-at-price."

    How to Read Volume Profile Structures
    " . . . There are two ways of observing the total volume transactions in any market. As a spot forex trader, you can tap into tick volumes as an accurate visual representation of the total traded volume in the X-axis, which would then make your analysis be based on time.

    Alternatively, you can carry out your volume study through the vertical Y-axis, in which case, you are analyzing the total activity based on price levels. It is this latter study what volume profile is about; it’s a histogram of the amounts bought and sold at specific price levels as opposed to specific times."

    https:// medium.com/@globalprimeforex/how-to-interpret-volume-profile-structures-in-the-forex-market-f28f0b5efd62

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    Failure Swing Pattern, Trendline Break, nG daily
    failureSwing nG 2019 0927 d.png
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    Fib Retracement NG Dec
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  5. I hope that's a joke...
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    Seasonality and the Stock Market

    seasonal strats rtns.jpg


    " . . .Holding stock market positions during the recent major decline from 2000 to 2002 has caused many investors to question the Buy and Hold Strategy (BHS). The basic premise of this study is to argue that risk may actually increase the time in which an investor is exposed to the market. This premise is something that many investment advisors argue against. In addition, this article will attempt to demonstrate that not only may risk be reduced, but returns may also actually improve the less time that one is invested in the market.

    this article goes back to 2006 Volume 9 Issue 4
    Browser Beware!
    Do your own math with data filled in since then.
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    failure swing
    failure swing 7989 nq 2m.png
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    How about a method for exiting a trade -

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    lambo fan?
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    LP looks at AAPL back to 2013, talks fibos on the weekly
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