Everyone Who Started Watching 'Mad Money' In 2005 Now Billionaires

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  2. According to Wiki, he routinely made $10 million per year for 14 years. (1987 to 2001). When he started Mad Money, he claimed to be worth $100 million.

    This article says he is making just under $10 million per year after taxes & lifestyle now. http://www.richbutbroke.com/130/Jim-Cramer-Net-Worth

    So if he was worth $100 million 8 years ago, and is still making $10 million per year for the last 8 years, that means he has lost a significant amount of money over the last 8 years in his investing activities (about $80 million) for him to still have the same net worth today.
  3. About as valuable as your disastrous FB call to short at 18.

    Cramer receives no salary from CNBC. He receives a royalty % from the "action alerts" which amounted to ~$800k in 2012. He earned $1.87MM/yr at the peak of his prior contract with CNBC. He owns approximately $7MM worth of TST shares.

    Further, it's widely known that he blew-up in the bubble. He admits his wife "bailed him out".
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    The article says that the guy started with $600 in 2005. Even if he doubled his money every year he would have made about $300,000. Much less than his $1bln claim.
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    Apparently people here don't know what The Onion is all about.
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  8. Everyone know it's America's Finest News Source! I TRUST the "Onion" more then the Wall St Journal....... At least at the Onion there are no Journalists doing favors for stock promoters.

    I love this one:

    Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is

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