Exit is more important than entries

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  1. GotherL


    It really depends on your style and what your trading imo. The bigger the potential winner the harder and more important the exit. If your just in for a quick scalp then entry becomes more important.
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  2. rider20


    I agree. For me both entry and exit points are crucial points. You can’t take either of it lightly.
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  3. rknas


    You just need to learn it, can't say one is more important or harder than the other. For a trend trading swing system like mine on the ES, I scale out on new highs or lows guided by Price Action driven lines.
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  4. The discussion about a good or bad exit is only a discussion of discretionary traders. If you have a solid system, you have clear determined entrys and exits.

    If you are in a trade as a systematic trader there is no "if" or "when" or "maybe". The exit is clear at the beginning of your trade.
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  5. Hey, the thing you want to know when you are in a trade is if the power of buyers or sellers is slowing down - regards especially to intraday trading - for that Bookmap gives me a clearer view to spot an exhaustion of one of the sides. the bubbles in the software can imply if one side is pushing but the other one holds him back.
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    Much truth in your statement.
    Simplified further, applicable to all styles of trading...
    There are only 3 signals: continuation, change, and sideline.
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