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Discussion in 'App Development' started by thefox, Oct 11, 2014.

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    TD Ameritrade seems a little more 'secret' about their APIs than say IB. Looking for folks with experience in the TDA APIs and/or obtaining access.

  2. https://www.tdameritrade.com/api.page

    There's an email address on that page to ask for access. As I recall they just give you a 2-digit code to embed in API requests, access to a forum, etc.

    I don't think it's 'secret', but I suspect there isn't as high a demand since they're paid for order flow so there's limited execution options, data isn't known to be very high quality, etc.
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    I was looking at it, and got a nice reply saying that unless I had 300,000 USD to invest with them, they wouldn't share any information about the API, with some other non-sense

    eTrade has a nice API, but can't beat IB, even though their API object model is clumsy and odd
  4. Is this true about the TDA API? That you have to give them 300K before they'll let you use it?
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    that was long time ago, probably changed now, you should ask them directly
  6. No, you can use the TD API and I am not aware of any account minimums to use it. I'm fairly new, have considerably less than $300k in my TD account, and have been able to use their API. Initial access is a little convoluted but it is manageable after that. I'm currently using it from Python to stream futures data.

    Sadly it does not support futures trading or real tick data, but you can make 2 calls per second and I'm using it to test code during initial development. That being said, they do not publish much information on their API, and I am concerned whether the API will continue to be supported when the transition to Schwab is complete.

    This link was helpful in getting started.

    Note: I realize this is a very old thread but it does have a couple new posts. Hopefully this helps someone.