"Failure" Is Good

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. http://seekingalpha.com/article/112892-what-do-we-need-in-2009-more-failure

    Does not everybody just love protecting the "right school, right contacts, fat country club suited rolodexed, (I got on Bloomberg) pundits" who are "one up" on the "johnny joe public do right real payers" ?

    Structural reforms ....past due......red notice...

    10% consumption tax

    New Properly Regulated Worldwide Exchange

    Local banks only...by location ...bankers actually know customers...

    No lobbyists
    Legal largesse eliminated

    Chips fall where they may....
  2. I like your posts Libertad and I believe your wishes will come true but not before a lot of blood has been shed.

    We are truly standing at the edge of a new paradigm.

    Happy 2009.
  3. Or on the brink of the abyss.
    I like the new paradigm idea. Sounds more hopeful.:)

    libertad, I hope all your great ideas come true, and soon!
    I really like the local representation idea. I wish we had some here in the US.
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    Failure in the 'MACROLEVEL' is catastrophic.

    the consequence of failure in the macrolevel is political unrest, war, conflict, civil , 20% unemployment unrest, etc like when price of corn was rising and riots in Mexico! or when the car factories just lays off 1 million people overnight because they couldn't get a loan or financing bridge credit line from bank.

    in the micro-level like small business, it's not a big deal.

    the rich or institutinoal investors are owners or bond holders of ford, gm, and many of these banks if these companies go bust, many will be unemployed.

  5. Very true....

    The point being ....is that what is already happening is truly

    Sort of like getting shot....with the pain coming big time shortly thereafter....