Fastest news/audio squawk box?

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    Hi There,

    I made some research on what the most/ well known news providers are, that you can find "in the game"

    but I haven't figured out yet
    a) which one are the fastest audio /squawk news providers
    b) most cost effective

    I only want stock news, to be able to specifically trade and speculate on stocks (options).

    So, this is a list of some news providers I think are worth to have a look at:
    Metastock Refinitiv
    trade-ideas / seeking-alpha (not really a squawk box)

    (Bloomberg / Reuters)

    Any experience with one of the above mentioned?

    Which one can you possibly recommend me;
    or is there a free/non-cost alternative for it?
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  2. I honestly love benzinga pro specifically for their audio squawk which is faster than any other I have tried. They run a 2 week free trial so you can check it out.
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  4. I used to use tradethenews and livesquawk, neither was really fast enough- for me that usually means it's 1 minute at least behind Bloomberg. If you are looking to trade on the news I think most of the squawks are typically slow, you may catch some things, but in my experience it was way too slow- obviously with auto algos you will already be slow, with BB I think the stock may have jumped a % or a few but you can often still may good, quick decisions, with the rest the minute may as well be your profit.

    Now I use BB- but of course there is a significant cost there so you wouldn't use it if that was the only feature you needed.
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    Do Bloomberg have a sqwark now?
  6. No, but their fast aggregated news is ahead of most - unless of course you trade off twiter or social media
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    try BBSQ on your Bloomberg.
  8. Nothing