"Fed Deception"

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    "Fed's not inflating?"

    What do you call THIS?


    Where does he think all of this money pump goes?

    My health insurance premiums for next year have jumped 30%!! (But somehow, THAT'S go nothing to do with inflation....)
  2. interesting read, not sure the fed doesn`t have more available options than the author envisons in his conclusions.
  3. The author may be wrong about inflation taking place right now (by nature, a fractional reserve banking system precipitates inflation), however he makes a few good points.

    One of which is the mention of this chart…


    "In November, 2007, two weeks before the first TAF auction was held, the Federal Reserve System held about $800 billion in Treasury debt. As of May 1, it held $539 billion."

    Now that concerns me:/
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    Chavez of Venezueala offered to lend the IMF money, maybe he can lend some money to the Fed.

    There seems to be a real problem with bankrupt first world institutions.

    Time these banana republics got some financial responsibility and spent less on amaments. How much longer can they be bailed out by Asia and the Oil states?

    Maybe the rest of the world should invade the US [which is known to posess weapons of mass destruction], put its leaders on trial and then hang them and replace them with a more suitable government.
  6. Lew Rockwell... so libertarian!

    Austrian School of Economics!
  7. The biggest joke is that people actually think we operate under a free market system while the Fed's stated purpose is to manipulate the money supply in order to influence markets (and make a fortune in counterfeit fiat dollars for the bankers at the same time).
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