Federal Reserve: fact or conspiracy?

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  1. I, like many of you, have studied this in depth. Again, the truth is shocking compared to what I learned in undergrad work by taking macro economics. Maybe if i could have read between the lines when I was 18, I would have drawn the same conclusions about the federa reserve. That main conclusion is that it's existence is simply a hidden tax that makes the US citizens work more hours to achieve the same standard of living that they had last year. Just loop that process for all the years and the working hours increase while the standard of living decreases.

    Passing the 100th anniversary of the fed, our currency has been devalued more that 95% since it's inception in 1913. Happy Birthday Federal Reserve!

    (the FED): Well, we couldn't have done it without the cooperation of the sadly regretful President Roosevelt and those smart guys who secretly convened at Jekyll Island in the years prior.

    So, effectively, you are living a more deeply slave existence each minute you exist, and you didn't even know it. All these years trading and thinking the FED was something magically necessary, what you didn't know was with each passing second, and especially evidence after bailouts (QE I and QUII tripled the deficits together) that your were more subject to the whip and death to attempt to maintain your American dream. I think trading well was/is the only solution to not working more, but the effects are being felt as the government regulates the trading industry and the returns diminish. So even though you can just increase your trading size to compensate, the other factors making it necessary for you to outpace inflation cause by the fed are slowly becoming eradicated from the financial system. Only the smartest will maintain an inflaction adjusted edge that they can apply well.

    If you are sill wondering what exactly the FED does, this short clips is by far one of the best simple explantions i have ever come across. Funny and factual.

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  3. It is by design that the population is kept poor. Parts of it deliberate and conscious, other parts the simple human desire for others to beg to them. Humans, given the chance, will fight to be superior and hold others in slavery.
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    I'm inclined to believe that the Fed website is more accurate than your own understanding. My understanding is that the Branch Fed Banks are run by the private member banks via their boards but are not privately owned. My understanding is that they have a hybrid structure that puts them under a mix of private and federal control. Ultimately these Branch Banks answer to the Board of Governors, and then to Congress. Their profits, after expenses, flow back to the U.S. Treasury and not to the private member banks. The "stock" in these Branch Banks is non-negotiable, i.e., can not be sold at a profit. I don't know who actually paid for the physical Branch facilities. There has never been a question regarding whether the private member banks influence Fed Policy. They do.

    Specifically, Jem, I am inclined to believe this statement from the Federal Reserve Website is correct:

    "The Federal Reserve System fulfills its public mission as an independent entity within government. It is not "owned" by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution."

    I am inclined to believe that you, Jem, are incorrect regarding ownership of the Federal Reserve System.
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    Everyone and their granny at this point knows FED is a privately owned Central Bank that creates currency with interest attached.

    Owners of FED

    And throw in minority shareholders like ...bergs, some more Jewish folks.

    Hey if they were Irish Catholics, I would say so, but they ain't. :D
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  6. The Fed website, pffff.... it's like asking Satan to explain the Holy Bible for us.
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    Fed doesn't need to make a profit. It only needs to ensure other institutions of its preference make one.

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    Well, since nobody mentioned it yet:

    Happy 100th birthday Federeal Reserve system!!!! :)

    P.S.: It takes an awfully long time to undermine the country...
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    Some parasites don't kill the host.
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    But, but, but I thought that's why it was created...???? So it has failed????
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