Federal Reserve: fact or conspiracy?

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    i am for free money. the best money will win. and that will decide the people.
    Or its the dollar, the Deutsch Mark, the Remimbi, the xxx, gold, silver, wheat or what else.
    AND the price for that money will befound in free markets NOT thrue central banks
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    well i would like to love canadians, but only for this sneseless killing Canadians are big mother fuckers, nothing else
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  3. Are you aware that thousands of Inuit make their living from the yearly seal hunt? Are you aware that there are many other countries that have their own seal hunt? Why is it OK to slaughter a cow but outrageous to kill a seal? Because it looks cute? The seal hunt is certainly not "senseless killing".
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  4. BABY killers!!!!!:mad:
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  5. Going forward can we expect more of the same- fact vs conspiracy (mis & dis information)?

    What's new and different on the horizon?

    Without going back specifically and checking the new Finance regs in effect, will the Fed Reserve have more "power". This power may be neither here nor there re effect, my question is: have we given the Fed more power or just by way of the new reg confirmed what has been policy all along?
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    Thx for the question, i will ask, cheers. My personal assumtion is the latter, and that we have just given the fed more power, but i will ask what the old man thinks.

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  7. One more question.

    There is a provsion re bonus for bankers to limit or rescind a bonus if institution fails. To me this look like someone is covering their ass for the next too big to fail. I would assume incorrectly that the new regs would not eliminate "too big to fail". So what is it? Is the new regs going to work or not?
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    Your asking a question which is not the feds duty, and this bring the entire problem to the forefront, people just do not understand the reason the central banking system is there, and thus they assume some giant conspiracy is going on.
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  9. Well, I don't know... Are you making this conclusion on the sole basis of what the Fed is doing? Moreover, even if you only look at the Fed, how can you say that, while Volcker is still alive and kicking? In the UK, Mervyn King is just about the only good thing that's happened recently. How about the Bank of Spain, which is the only reason the Spanish banks are still around (due to the prohibition from holding any structured credit product)?
    Well, groupthink has nothing to do with the Fed specifically. It has a tendency to infect any consensus-based system, including financial mkts, as we have seen.
    Well, what if Britney Spears were an alien? How would we ever know?
    What do you mean "member banks"? Any state-chartered bank can become a member of the Federal Reserve System (and most are) and get what you call "cheap financing". If you have a beef with the banks financing their profits at your expense, you have a beef with the entire US commercial banking system, rather than the Fed per se.
    Hell, yeah, you'll get no disagreement from me there. However, if you look at what Sweden did, it wasn't just letting the banking system go.
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    Greenspan and bernanke did, Dave dodge, (who ive met) and Mark Carney didnt, why do you think canadian banks came out basically unscathed?
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