FIFA World Cup - Group Stage Question

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    • They play 3 games and the top 2 teams progress to the knockout stage.
    • Why do they have Last 5 games in the chart below?
    Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 15-17-36 world cup standings 2022 - Google Search.png
  1. tango29


    Not sure what that is. I haven't seen that on sites I have looked up standings. It is possible it is a tally of the areas for consideration if they had to go to the tiebreaker in the 1st round. I think it involved 5 different things, the last being drawing out of a hat.
  2. Pekelo


    I think it is just a mistake. Or you can still follow them even when they are out of the group in the brackets, although I don't think the stats count at that point.

    Big dramas yesterday and the day before. yesterday they had 9 goals in 2 games and at every goal the group changes who would advance. Good times!!!
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  3. tango29


    I eventually quit pretending I was going to keep trading and turned off the computers to watch yesterday.
  4. newwurldmn


    the trading floor I was at would do that during the world cups.
  5. M.W.


    It's a mistake by a website that has no clue about football.

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  6. cesfx


    That last 5 thing comes up on Google.
    And it makes no sense, as there is no playoff or tiebreak.
  7. cesfx


    Although Qatar sucks politically and morally, and FIFA has a 100yrs history of corruption.... The games are fun.

    I wish a "new" team could win. I would love to see an African team winning the trophy.
    Then I wouldn't mind an Asian team.
    I have a soft spot for Argentina.
    I live in England and if they pulled it out this time, I would be happy for them as they are not showing their "bring it home" arrogance I saw for decades.
    Spain is where I would put my money on.
    Even the USA get stronger every year.

    Anyone but France at the end of the day...

    France is probably the strongest team of the tournament, my hat off to them. Mbappe is an alien.

    But I really don't want them to win a back to back world cup!

    So far, only Brazil and Italy won back to back in the history of world cup, and that happened over 50yrs ago, and I am Italian :D

    I love the French, but they would brag about it for the next decade.
  8. Pekelo


    My bet is on Brazil. They took it easy in their 3rd game, but if they need they can step on it.

    The US is toast, down 2 goals against the Dutch, population 17 MM.
  9. tango29


    there was a set of tie breakers for the 1st round but I don't know if that graphic was somehow in relation to it.
    They were: 1. Goal Differential 2. Goals scored 3. Head to head record 4 .Fair play..or how many yellows and reds you got. I am pretty sure 5 is drawing out of a hat if needed.
    U.S, got beaten, they controlled the ball a lot, but the defense failed to mark up on 2 of those goals for sure.
    They didn't have as many corners in this game, but the same result when they did, the guys on the line just stood there instead of going for the ball. One of the previous games Pulsic put ~6 beautiful corners in and no one from the U.S. moved.
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