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  1. Hello.

    I am Himanshu from India. I would kindly request and ask a forex trader to manage trading and split the profits between us.
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    Can you be more specific as to the details of the arrangement.
  3. Sorry, I sent all my money to a Nigerian Prince.
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    when there is a profit, profit will be shared between you and the forex trader.
    when there is a loss, I presume that forex trader will bear the loss.

    Quite a good plan actually.
    So keep looking.
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    I offered him the deal he was looking for but he was too slow to respond with the required information. I’ve signed up 3 people. In the last week alone, we made 2,000,000 to be split. I humbly asked for 10percent for putting up the capital and the strategies.
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    So you are a trader in India, asking to manage the company which is based in Prague?


    FTMO Evaluation Global s.r.o.
    Opletalova 1417/25
    110 00 Prague
    Czech Republic
    ID: 09213651
    VAT: CZ699005540

    FTMO Evaluation US s.r.o.
    Opletalova 1417/25
    110 00 Prague
    Czech Republic
    ID: 09213741
    VAT: CZ699005540

    FF Trader s.r.o.
    Vlkova 2725/34
    130 00 Prague
    Czech Republic
    ID: 03136752
    VAT: CZ699005540


    Office: Opletalova 25, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

    Business Address: Vlkova 2725/34, 130 00 Prague, Czech Republic


    I'll pass, thanks. Call me when you get to the US level of scam, because yours is quite weak.
  7. Hello i am fulltime trader starting a 100K account with MFF desember 5th so if you sign up a 100k account with them and pay the fee of 372 dollars i can trade it along with my own account using copier we can split 50/50 and they start paying out after 14 days no challenge,but there are some dificult consistencie rules,but i will manage that...This is one week into my personal account,they have 25% discount to 1. january
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    Damn dude. You just flipped the script! Impressive!!
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    The OP might be scared of your result.

    you have to show consistency in good performance.

    alternatively ,
    ask the OP to bear all losses,
    and profit to be split between you and OP.
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    I don't think the OP is necessarily a scam. It is just that what he wants is a little difficult to work out. For instance, what is the guarantee that he'd hold up his own end of the deal? Since the FTMO account would be in his name, he could just disappear with the profits.
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