Finland considers a universal basic income for all citizens

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  2. That's one way to Finnish poverty.
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  3. I am going to move there and DEMAND my share (with my ss, and side income) I am set for life!
  4. The same already exist in France, but the amount is tiny : any citizen over 25 years ( I am not sure the age has been lowered), is given automatically around 450Euros on a monthly basis if they have zero source of income. This was introduced, as the then president feared "rebellion" due to a rise in mass unemployment ( French are known to express in no uncertain terms what they do not want).It is a cheap way to buy social peace.
    Many people actually do not even ask for it.
  5. thats crazy
  6. it's an old Milton Freidman idea. And it's not crazy, it's a very good idea. Wealth redistribution at it's finest. No mention in the artcle on Finland's tax rates.

    We have two social programs in USA that both work for the most part. Social Security and Medicare. And neither are means tested. And that is the key to a successful social program.

    Problem is, the benefits become unstainable if tax revenues fall short. What did it say, Finland 47b in revenue and 43b for the program. That's cutting it pretty close.
    now, set up a flat tax rate and make the benefit a percentage of revenue to be adjusted each year either up or down and I like it.
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  8. "Monthly stipend for all"... nothing more than a "tool of control" for a Leftist government.

    What citizens actually "deserve"... is the freedom to achieve/fail on their own without the government on their back.

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  9. Israel has a monthly stipend.
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