First purchase made off from the first withdrawal ?

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  1. Anyone got a lambo or a rarri off the first withdrawal haha
    Just being realistic here,
    4 years back my first purchase was a wireless headphone.
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  2. Overnight


    I honestly cannot remember exactly, but I think it was a new laptop.
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  3. Woah! that cool :D
    i took me a couple months before i got myself a laptop though withdrawals
  4. Overnight


    Yeah, back when I traded the minis. It's not that hard to make 600 bux in minis if you get the direction right.
  5. apo99


    box of cigars in 2011, paid full retail at casa de habnos in montreal next to my university

    cohiba lanceros, i still have 10-12 left, i smoke one everyone i hit a new milestone in trading, been a while tho lol