Florida Real Estate - Two 110-storey condos for Miami

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  1. question ... maybe someone here who knows R.E.
    and lives in miami can answer ...

    although the offer was made to me in manhattan

    the deal works like this.

    someone offered my family 60-75 % of the current fair mkt value for the right
    to own the apartment that an my mother
    is living in currently. I was told my mother would be allowed to continue to live there. ( she is elderly
    and I guess the assumption is she will move to
    a home or assisted living center or die in the next
    3-5-10-15 yrs )

    I know there is something out there called a reverse mortgage . but this only pays out 50 % max I think of the apartment value and must
    be paid back when my mom moves out or dies

    I guess I am curious on the legality of the first offer ... I only heard of something like this yrs ago
    in France ...

    with all the seniors living in FL .. miami etc I thought maybe ths type of offer has been made there to someone and is more common than
    I would think ?

    PS ... my family turned down the offer ....
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  2. juan pablo montoya might be rethinking that penthouse purchase in Jade :)
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  3. Don't forget the Nasdaq monstrosity in midtown Manhattan opened just in time for the bubble to burst.
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  4. you are trying to compare a watermelon to a kiwi

    no comparison ... other than timing ....

    -Don't forget the Nasdaq monstrosity in midtown Manhattan opened just in time for the bubble to burst-
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  5. Cubans add to Miami Beach, I agree. They add non -english speaking filthy classless trash to Miami Beach. Believe Miami Beach would bne much better off if they finally decide to ship these illegals back to Cuba. Which is about 80% of the cubans there.
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  6. you are leaving out the other best part of Miami imo

    all the illegal Haitians.....
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  7. I fail to understand why the INS still exists, draining our tax dollars. They have not done their jobs in over 3 decades and yet we still keep them running and pay their salaries. For what? The minuteman project has done more to combat this growing epidemic, and it is an epidemic people, in a few weeks than the INS has done, or hasn't done, in the past 30 years Haitians are even worse then Cuband, believe it or not. THis is the one of the few rare countries where we have to put up with these filthy creatures just to be PC and our politicans don't want to offend people.
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  8. Milles


    Boy its kind of funny hearing about this stuff now Going on in Miami,I sold a condo off of washington and 7St on south beach
    about 7 years ago for 20,000. Who could have know.
    Only go back there to visit family and kids, would not live
    down there again even if i got a place for free.
    What i do miss is the food and the restaurants.
    The Traffic sucks.
    People in this part of the country Have no idea what living in south florida is like no mater how you try to tell them.
    Well time to warm up going to Orlando tomorrow
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  9. =============

    Partial disclosure ,most,not all of my home offices and commercial work has been done in 2 or less storys cause insurance rates are more reasonable. And would rather not court fight banks/insurance companys on planes into towers.

    Contrary to popular belief ,heights do not automaticaly =danger;
    AMR, DAL ,LFL are actually, stat wise much safer than roads.:cool:

    Some people dont like to do business with Areolineas Argentinas cause when they were in business, mostly speak spanish-so take your bilingual books or FLY AMR.

    People could learn a lot from some hispanics;
    Chile does real well in banking & national wise privitize personal accounts.

    Personaly, Kin i would rather do business with Leon Cohen on his 7 story or less tower;
    and do business with AMR, DAL,
    LFL or Areolineas Argentinas,LUV.
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  10. I bet anyone who's been to Israel recently, thought of the Azrieli towers the second they saw this picture.


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