Florida Real Estate - Two 110-storey condos for Miami

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  1. striking resemblance, but miami project would be much taller i think
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  2. WHat did you expect. If you have even lived and worked in Miami, you'll know there are nothing but scammers and con artists down there. Another chraming facet of Miami brought to the American people by the cubans and haitians. There's a reason Miami is known as the fraud capital of the world. All youll find down there is a bunch of people pirating other people's ideas and concepts. Don't get me wrong, it was a hell of a time down there. It's a party destination. But that's all it is.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Sure is tall
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  4. ElCubano


    Another wanna be model turned druggie fag hag bites the big bolney in Miami....he got Jackedup...what happened?? Did they send you back to Kansas without your shirt?? theres no reason to hate :p
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  5. What an idiot. Typical cuban, Classless and illiterate.
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  6. You south Florida regulars, how would you compare Boca Raton to Miami?
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  7. a lot more older people, rich old nyc transplants.
    very few hispanic and black people.
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  8. They say the latin girls down there are hot, that true.
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  9. some yes, but percentage wise its very low. for every looker there are 10 unattractive ones, even at events such as a big tennis tournament in key biscayne.
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  10. ElCubano


    percentage wise we have better looking woman than any other city.....perhaps try looking on the beach. then come back to us with real stats.
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