Florida Real Estate - Two 110-storey condos for Miami

Discussion in 'Economics' started by The Kin, May 5, 2005.

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    You should try your luck on American Idol...
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  2. I never knew elite trader had such a large Alabama representation...

    Miami is better now than it has ever been before. Crime is a problem, just like in all big cities. It's not that much different than New York, LA, Chicago, or Atlanta.

    And the problems with Miami probably has more to do with growing too much too fast (bad schools, poorly desinged neighbourhoods) than it does with immigration.

    I'm a strong believe that developers should be allowed to build whatever the market demands, but they should also pay to compensate area residents and for new services needed for the development.

    Right now, Florida developers are getting a free ride, but they should be paying for new schools, roads, and other such improvements to prevent the resulting overcrowding, just like in other districs.

    The chikens have come home to roost in Florida as we are now paying the consequences of under-investment in infastructure.
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  3. This is exactly the kind of moron we have to keep out!
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  4. beach is crowded with hot foreign ass, be it tourists or wanna be models that moved over here, and 90% of them arent latin
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    Where do you get your stats??....that was then this is now..the models have long gone from here...they tried for a while ago to make this the model capital of the world...and we were for some time...but the hot piece of asses you see now on the beach are not 10% try more like almost all of them are latin... trust me..
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  6. agreed,,, South Beach now is all ghetto fabulous imo...

    anyone with any sense of class is long gone...
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    true.... you got p.diddy and company to thank for that. But nonetheless the hotties are still out there tanning dat ass...peace
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  8. I like the mix around my neck of the woods (Bal Harbour) and been spotting lots of hot Russian and other European ladies around the Sunny Isles area as of late. Everything changes fast in Miami!
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    thats a very nice area...I am in the roads/grove area...
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  10. wanna be models, not models. eastern european girls.
    i think this is the issue, as a latin man yourself you probably notice only the attractive latin ones and take them as standard in miami. I on the other hand see the whole picture, i agree there are plenty of beautiful latin woman but there are a lot more "not beautiful ones" of the same pedigree.
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