FOMC Meeting Monday Oct 3rd.

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  1. The financial media will let everyone know after the markets close. I tried to help.....

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    crash incoming... im in size inverses over weekend :)
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    So whadda y'all think? 25 or 50 bps interim hike?
  4. Not going to lie, I'm scared poopless as to what they are going to do and how the market will freak out. :(
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    The market may take it as a positive sign that they really are trying to get ahead of the curve, so the hike in November won't be as bad as people are pricing in currently.

    But that is the perma-bull in me singing. In truth, the market is in more trouble. Watch that 2yr yield!
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    What if the Fed follows the UK(bonds), prolonging inflation.
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    The sky .. the sky ... the sky is falling.
  9. The Federal Preserve could have a meeting with lap dancers and birthday cake and champagne and sparklers and top hats and jack russel terriers....who cares what they do....just be able to make that market money consistently and grow and compound that trading account like a giant beanstalk to the moon.
    Money. Your Money. That's all that matters.
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