For any of you who are struggling, but believe in yourselves, watch this

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  1. jnbadger


    Been there, done that...

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  2. Overnight


    90 minutes? C'mon man. Cliff's Notes please?
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  3. jnbadger


    Well, Washington does this improbable thing on Christmas morning and gets all kinds of cool stuff from the Hessians. Story ends. Cliff enough for ya?
  4. Overnight


    So basically, "Keep on Truckin'."
  5. jnbadger


    Regardless of what others think.
  6. jnbadger


    Shit, sorry. The Cliff notes were wrong. It was actually the morning after Christmas, when the Hessians were nice and hung over. Perhaps this is why this wee lad don't drink no mo.
  7. Handle123


    Let's see we have a long term trader, then cliff notes is day trader, then misinformation of reporting agency, but another trader keeps trading, then someone knows the REAL story and he attacks on right morning.

    Yep, just another trading week.
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  8. JSOP


    Ah the good 'ol' days when there was no diversity and even the extras were white.
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  10. MKTrader


    More like the actual good ol' days when the world was free of virtue-signaling SJWs (programmed to think they're "woke") looking for mythical wacism/homophobia/misogyny under every rock.
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