is a scam!!

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  1. I’m a newbie trader and making a lot of mistakes , but I’m not stupid for sure ( I will be if I’ll stay with .

    First. spread is just ridiculous when it’s coms to daytrading, when it come to the best entry point they just pumping up spreads in seconds, wich makes it really hard to follow RR ratio and have a profit.

    Second. Price difference, not ones have seen how they got different price even in their platform webtrading platform and mobile wich have difference sometimes up to 5 pips ( freaking 5 pips!!!!) . So where ever either web or mobile the price comes close to stoploss (not touching it) they close the trade.

    So that’s anough for me to understand that it’s pretty legit way to collect money, not only collect but constantly milking , from their costumers, trying to show that it’s their mistakes. So I would say I’m trying 3 different brokers and so far this one was the worst one because of the reasons described above ( never had have happened shit like this with the other brokers).

    So just be aware and do your own research!
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    If you're a U.S. resident, just stay away from Forex and trade either the NQ, YM or RTY e-mini futures from 9:00-11:30 AM EST. They have all the volatility and opportunity anyone needs to make either a supplementary or full income.
  3. Xela


    According to his profile, the OP lives in London.

    I'd suggest that he might try using Oanda, if he needs to trade spot forex against a counterparty pretending to be a "broker": at least they're ethical, honest and properly regulated (even if their spreads aren't quite what they were some years ago).

    They do indeed, given the appropriate trading skills and experience, of course ... but aspiring traders adequately capitalized to trade them surely wouldn't be trading spot forex against a counterparty market-maker in the first place?

    Many people start off by trading spot forex (as I originally did) because they're attracted by the facilities of trading it with comparatively little capital while also taking advantage of high leverage (as I originally was).

    E-mini futures are, as you rightly say, a whole different ball-game, but also one that typically attracts a rather different customer-pool.
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    Oanda used to be good way way back, however that's not the case since a long time. I moved to Tickmill since a few months and they are much better.
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    If currencies you need just trade them on CME, currency futures. No need for bucket shops
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    Tickmill is not a bucket shop and is way cheaper than currency futures + also they offer more than futures can.
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    To each its own. I need a centralized product that trades on the major exchanges for my kind of trading.
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    That sounds like the best thing ever... different prices (sometimes 5 pips) for the same instrument, with the same broker ? You should arbitrage this to the moon and back, not complain about it :cool:
  9. Well, what your opinion about Oanda?
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