FP Markets an Legit, Safe and Reliable broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Eden10, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Eden10


    I have been coming across a lot of reviews on FP Markets. Most reviews and ratings have been positive. Are they a reliable broker to trade with?

    Anyone currently trading with this broker can give your opinion on them?
  2. I have used FP markets in the past. The broker is good indeed but along with that you can also consider fxview and tickmill for your trading. They also got good conditions.
  3. I currently trade with FP Markets. The spreads are lower, it is regulated by ASIC and in business since 2005 makes it reliable to trade.
  4. To judge any broker I have 3 parameters:
    1. Regulations
    2. Spreads and commissions
    3. Flexibility with trading
    If the broker fulfills these 3, it is a reliable broker. So FP markets is, as it is regulated and gives low spreads. I apply this 3-point valuation with any new broker that I am testing. Recent ones that turned out good being roboforex and fxview. After all how much if any profit you make solely depends on your trading strategies. No point dragging the broker-search for long. Just work on your trading skills.
  5. pixel


    I have heard about them, but I haven't checked on them thoroughly. Could someone tell me how is their spread and withdrawal process?
  6. David.E


    I've been trading with them for three months, so far the experience has been good. I do not worry much as it has regulation from ASIC and CYSEC(Eu) License.

    Started trading with their Raw account and the spreads and commission seem lower when compared to its competitors.
  7. Yes, compared to December 2020, I can see that USD has dropped slightly; it seems like this might remain the same for a couple of weeks.
  8. thursday


    Eh, They are fine. The regulation helps and the spreads are looking good but there is some small fees for withdrawals which is a big no for me, but otherwise it is a good broker to try I would say
  9. Vettel5


    I've been trading with them for close to a year now. The spreads start at 0.0 pips in major currencies like EURUSD. They also offer free VPS if we maintain 10 lots a month.
  10. thursday


    Been seeing them everywhere. What is their commission?
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