''Free'' ETFs [AMTD, ALLY, Fidelity]

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  1. I 'm still looking thru thier lists, AMTD has over 300. But ALLY + Fidelity slaps or did slap a frequent trader fee ,or requires 30 day hold.....:cool::cool:
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    Vanguard has commission-free trading on about 1,800 ETFs. See vanguard.com/etfscommissionfree
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    Any recommendations for global ETFs for EU citizens with low expense ratios ?

    Or what i should really pay attention to when goin through those 1800 names ?
    ( i know that,when doing that for 3 days, having a pack of gummy bears and big bucket of popcorns, is major part for success )

    Check their holdings ?
    How liquid they are ?
    Expense/MNG fees ?

    Ofc weekly chart for good/great entry timming.

    It's not for me, just a relative of mine ( uncle ), has one , with expense ratio of 1.5% ~, + no dividends, and imo it's a bad choice (?), the name of etf is in screen ( on the left i was compering it to vanguard)
    Plus hes buying tops of thrend, you know, fomo is stong, in this one, and the guy has bias against tech analysis... :)
    Mintys apie etf-2.png

    Thank you in advance.
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  4. If you want an ETF, the more popular the better, I think.
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  5. ph1l


    Here are some global ETFs:

    Vanguard Total World Stock ETF

    iShares MSCI ACWI ETF

    iShares MSCI World ETF

    iShares Global 100 ETF

    SPDR Global Dow ETF
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  6. %%
    All that sounds good.
    For example , Tech ETFs tend to outperform+ have done so fro many years.Most anything is liquid enough to invest; for trading get small bid/ask spread.I like to start with high volume/popular, but check out some dividend ETFs also

    Exspenses/fee are going so low;
    $1.2% to .10% o r less.[Edit No offence, but did you see all the fees, front load 5%, back load, fees=a load of loads on him LOL??. I was in Franklin Gold fund for years 5% load, but that was many years ago. LOL; UPRO pays a dividend if you like to trade 3x leveraged stuff. Not sure how much of this can be for Europe??]
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    Yup i saw those,that's why marked all of them in red. Wrote about em in our language.

    We got noobs, blowing accounts here with CFD's as well.

    Lots of intelligent people, fallen during crypto bubble, due FOMO.

    Spreads are beyond logic too.

    Our laws , for finances, when it comes to this, are faaar behind US.
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  8. %% I think Charles Schwab does business in your country??
    On thier free ETFs, free but $25 if done over phone/broker assisted.:cool::cool:
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    It's Lithuania that i wrote about, maybe they do in Netherlands, ( or maybe here as well, i don't know honestly )
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  10. %%
    Has to be popular to trade;
    investments can be much lower volume. I would expect more of a roller coaster- on the upside + downside with QQQ + small caps/ETFs, can be a good thing; regardless of volume.:cool::cool:
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