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  1. What do they believe in? I ask because I've been called names by these people, and I am very interested in how a bunch of blind men collectively can see light? Just because you feel the flames of hell it does not mean you see the light of heaven...
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    what were you called?
  3. "Illuminati"
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    those people, the freemasons, called you illuminati?
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    Read "The DaVinci Code" for insight.
  7. Of course anyone with a brain realizes that heaven and hell do not exist in the first place. LOL
  9. I'm sure you believe in Physics, Let the law of conservation of energy direct you in the state you decide to exist...
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    mr rainmaker3000, search engine and the internet would be a good place to start if indeed you are very interested.
    let us know what you find out.
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