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    CAC40 futures opens sharply up and spikes to +6%...

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    Macron almost president according to the newspapers this morning. Return to normal means Cac40 +6%( ???). I know it should be tempting to bet on the outsider and financial turmoil, but I guess it won't happen this time. The french will go to vote to avoid Le Pen, even with all the terrorist horrors that happened last year...But the vote will be closer than you think... No 70/30 this time I think.
  3. It's held on to the gain quite well. tt-chart (70).png
  4. Le Pen's got some votes. It's not over yet.
  5. Exactly, she just quit "national front" to appeal more mainstream.
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    That's like a fox dressing up like a chicken and saying... no no... I'm no fox! Vote me into the hen house!!!
  8. JackRab,
    yeah, she's full of sh*t, everyone understand's it
  9. maxinger


    CAC40 futures (exchange MONEP) from IB is showing a very small daily volume ( just a few tens).
    It should be in thousands.

    can someone please explain?
    Or perhaps I got the wrong symbol or wrong exchange?
  10. maxinger


    I had this problem again.

    mystery solved.
    So better get it documented here.

    IB symbol lookout is not very helpful.

    symbol is FCEV1
    ( and MFCV1 for mini cac40 which has very low volume and
    hence not tradable).

    If you try to search symbol using CAC40, you will never get it.

    IB displays both FCEV1 AND MFCV1 as

    CAC40 Oct15'21 @monep !!!!

    In summary, to search the symbol, type
    FCEV1, not CAC40 !!

    And if you can't remember the characters FCEV1,
    too bad!
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