Frikken Leon Cooperman.....

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    He's just been on CNBC, regarding his open letter (widely available) to Eliz. Warren....

    The guy is a saint.

    If you have the ability to hunt through CNBC or whatever, find this (still ongoing) interview, and cheer the guy on. Yow.

    Superb American. Super human being.
  2. Why would you want to support this guy? greedy bastards , he isno Bill Gates , or Elon Musk , guys who created something . Leon and his kind are leaches that do more harm to the system than any good , Hedge Funds , private equities are money extracting mechanisms from the markets , hopefully they tax them well enough , how many jobs has Leon created after the tax cuts I wonder.
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  3. newwurldmn


    No one created jobs because of the tax cuts. That’s a lie that the republicans told the plebeians to get the cuts passed.
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  4. destriero


    Unbelievable. McGinnis is left of me (politically and sexually) and he's promoting this turd. Vote Trump, dumas.
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  5. dude, you just fell for those alligator tears. he didn't offer any solutions, just sad cause someone allegedly is taking his money which he claims he is going to give it away.
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  6. guru


    Regardless who he is, he seems very mild comparing to what should and will be said to/about Warren when the time comes. 100% tax on everyone and everything would not be enough for her. While even leftists already complain about half of the stuff they wanted and got, because they just cry about everything and are perpetually butt-hurt.
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  7. Warren is delusional. She thinks she knows things she doesn't and she thinks she has an answer for everything.
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    Point-taken, but Bernie wants to pass a 2% tax on every transaction... you gonna vote Bernie in the Primary?
  9. Arnie


    A transaction tax is a given with ANY Dem candidate.
  10. I voted for Trump and probably will again. Very unlikely the Dems will regain my vote unless they change the party around.
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