FS: ESXi Virtual Machines BUY AT OWN RISK!

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  1. Cross post from various Craigslist cities:



    I am selling twenty four (24) VMware Virtual Machines (VMs). $25 each. Virtual hardware version 10. Fourteen are Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop), seven are Windows Server 2012r2 and three are 2012r2 Datacenter with nested virtualization capability (on supported hardware).

    Linux VMs have thick-provisioned 640GB VHDs (Virtual Hard Drives), 2012r2 VMs have 960GB thick-provisioned VHDs and 2012r2 DC VMs have 800gb VHDs running on dedicated 960GB SSDs. Machines were each connected to various SAN and NAS devices which are not included. Windows boxes will have COAs removed and show expired upon delivery. Keys are up to you. Linux is all yours.

    Drives (virtual) have been encrypted by former client and I know nothing about them or the data on them. I was hosting provider and did initial setup/config/hosting only. I have no idea what data is on the VMs other than the broadcasted hostname over the network. I pushed a DHCP address to each VM which still resolves and will be provided with VM. All snapshots included (about three per VM, assume 5x base thick VHD size for sneakernet and you should be good). Sneakernet means I copy to HDD/SSD and mail/ship/hand to you (with sneakers on my feet) vs. you download over the internet.

    NAS/SAN links for each machine were attached to various U.S. Equity data feeds. It is buyer’s responsibility to comply with appropriate licensing agreements. I am not party to any agreements, buyer accepts sole responsibility for any and all licensing agreements of anything that is on the VM you buy, if you can ever get into the thing. Talk to a lawyer, derived product may be yours free and clear –or you may get zero for $25. VMs are encrypted. I have not tried to get into any of them but given former client, they are encrypted and encrypted STRONG. Machine profile will be included with each VM including NIC MAC address(es). ACCESSING THE VM YOU PURCHASED IS IN NO WAY PART OF THE TERMS OF THIS TRANSACTION!

    If you are wondering, I hosted on a (virtual) handshake and client didn’t pay its bills. Virtual handshake means virtual sale (after a year of trying to work it out). Legally all yours.

    VM Hostnames: (already have interest from CL, will update as VMs sell)

    1. SECURREX – 2012r2, small internet browsing

    2. IQUANT – 2012r2, High up/download, high internet browsing

    3. RIPPER – 2012r2 DC , High CPU usage (RAMDISK)

    4. RIPPER_1 – 2012r2, high CPU usage (RAMDISK)

    5. RIPPER_2 – 2012r2, high CPU usage (RAMDISK)

    6. PA_SERS – Linux, PA “State Employees Retirement System”

    7. PA_PSERS – Linux, “Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System”

    8. IL_SAG – Linux, Illinois State AG

    9. KY_UNION – Linux, Honestly don’t know, some Kentucky State unionized organization.

    10. JACKSONVILLE_FP – Linux, Jacksonville, FL Fire & Police

    11. JACKSONVILLE_TEACH – Linux, Jacksonville, FL Teachers’ Union

    12. ORLANDO_CITY – Linux, Orlando FL City Employees Union (I think??)

    13. CALPERS_1 – Linux, Google Search CALPERS

    14. CALPERS_2 – Linux, Google Search CALPERS

    15. CALPERS_3 – Linux, Google Search CALPERS

    16. NJ_CARPENTERS – Linux, NJ Carpenters Union

    17. NJ_TEACH – Linux, NJ Teachers Union

    18. NJ_GOV – Linux, Don’t remember, NJ Governor’s office maybe

    19. SHAH – 2012r2 DC, Sam Shah’s personal VM

    20. SHAH_AGUIRRE – 2012r2, a VM I was asked to build but looks to be never used

    21. SHAH_AGUIRRE2 – 2012r2, a VM for something to do with a lawyer

    22. SHAH2 – 2012r2 DC, algorithm and derived data machine for winston/shah work product**

    23. LA_RETIREMENT – Linux, Unknown Louisiana Retirement System, machine was never accessed

    24. IQ_TEMPRAMDRIVE – 2012r2, Temp test RAMDRIVE experiment VM

    Seller assumes all responsibility for any illegal selling or transfer of information. Notwithstanding, buyer assumes all inherited licenses, agreements and other, within purchased VMs.

    Here is how this works: You send me a notarized letter of your intent to purchase and send to me via USPS certified and registered [with delivery restriction optional] mail. Delivery restriction means I need to show a valid US Gov’t ID to accept your letter (means we are both real people). I then email you a bill of sale, you [hopefully have it reviewed] and sign/return it through the same means with one copy of the media you want the VM transferred to AND FULL PAYMENT OF $25 AT THAT TIME. I receive payment, let it clear and return one copy to you through your choice of pre-purchased, return carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS). You acknowledge and approve receipt of first media delivery. First media delivery is the responsibility of the buyer. You send me the media as well as the return shipping and packaging media. I’ll keep copying the VM fifty times if it keeps getting destroyed in the mail. Your job to provide the media. Once you confirm receipt in good order I will send you, at my expense, my final copy and local VM destruction logs.

    PM me or email my username _at_ winston(no space)capital(dot)net for more information. This is posted on over 30 different Craigslist cities! Get it while it's hot!!!