Fundmentals Of Forex Trading Strategies

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    What are Fundamental Forex trading strategies to Master?
    3 Fundamental Forex Trading Strategies to Master

    Trading depends on different strategies.

    The 3 Fundamental Forex Trading Strategies to Master are:

    1) Scalping

    2) Swing Trading

    3) Position Trading.
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    Are you asking or are you telling us? :)
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  3. Those are not strategies. They are different trading styles.
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    This is so true! :D:thumbsup:
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    There are only two strategy types - buy because price has been rising, or sell because price has been rising.

    I suppose to be absolutely truthful there is a third strategy type - buy because price has not been rising but hasn't been falling either.
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    Very true there is such an array of strategies in all of these that you could be forever on one never mind the three lol
  7. Read about the carry trade.
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  8. I think a strategy is far more complicated than just being distilled into 3 trading styles.
  9. when you have most powerful analyzing trade knowledge then you are able to bring profit by using any kind of trading strategy.
  10. Trading strategies are a very complex and wide topic. From the way you analyse your trades to the indicators you use, there can be a number of strategies. Scalping, Swing trading or position trading are the most basic of all. There are many factors that can make even these strategies complex.
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