Fury v Wilder 3

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    Fury v Wilder 3 . October 9th .

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    How can not love the guy?
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    Yeah I like the brutal honesty and his philosophical nature .
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  4. destriero


    I'm going to be at the fight.
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    Awesome , I'd love to go . Bring some pics back if you don't mind .
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  6. Wilder is going to be pounded into submission because his style of boxing is what fails him repeatedly. Just took a real boxer to expose it. He is a brawler who swings a big right hand and works the whole fight just to land that while keeping his hands down or apart.

    Fury picked him apart twice already and got better at it the second time. Boxers beat brawlers and Wilder cannot land anything on Fury and is open for repeated jabs and hooks.

    Now that Joshua lost, it opens up a HUGE fight in 2022 of Fury v. Usyk assuming Usyk wins the rematch.
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  7. cesfx


    Fury Vs Usyk would be a lot of fun.

    Usyk looks like a fun guy, really funny...
    I am a Fury fan, but you have to respect the Ukranian, I hope he is here to stay and provide a show for the next few years.

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  8. Fury is bigger than Joshua and Usyk went up a weight class. Fury is a more durable tough boxer than Joshua. I think the matchup could be really good. Depends on how Fury handles Wilder in 2 weeks...
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    Joshua looked horrible in that fight , stiff and not like a pro at all
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  10. Overlooked Usyk thinking about that Fury payday...Joshua has had bad moments in last few fights. I think Usyk is a much better boxer and took Joshua out of his rhythm. Same thing Fury can do and is much bigger.

    Oh well Fury has to beat Wilder and Joshua has to get a rematch which pushes Fury v. Joshua off the table or out until late 2022.
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