Fury v Wilder 3

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    I love his ability to focus and his keep it real attitude.
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    Yep , Wilder looked seriously hurt in that 2nd fight and that injury wasn't just a cut in his ear .

    Wilder's been training hard but it's hard to see this fight going any other way . I think it's still going to be a cracker .
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    Well it was a cracker lol .
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    Great fight. I had a chunk on the fight at -270 VIP. I don't understand why Fury wouldn't finish Wilder after rocking him with the combo. I don't think he made good use of the feint later in the fight. Tyson could have stopped the fight anywhere after round 6. The first fight where Fury showed respect for Wilder's right.

    The Usyk fight talk is dumb. Terrible matchup. Usyk has skill but not enough power.
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    I prefer to have seen Wilder carried out unconscious on his shield.

    Thus, knockdowns on both sides but Fury going down...it almost looks like he was taking a breather to catch his breath as if it was a rest period. In fact, while sitting on the canvas, Fury look around as if he wanted someone to yell that he was pushed down to the canvas and not knocked down.
    • I think a lot of people underestimate Fury's power because he does not have the typical well-defined muscular attributes of today's heavyweights.
    Regardless, he's such a cool fighter to watch because he actually looks like he's having fun out there...in and out of the ring.

    Now it's time for Fury to cement his legacy by going after other top contenders and put the Wilder trilogy behind him.

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    I had a bit on a 9th round finish for Fury , thought I had it too . They were both looking to really hurt each other and I think Wilder was finished after his first knockdown. Fury was toying with him and yes enjoying himself after that and could have finished him anytime .
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    The other big fight's always been Joshua v fury or wilder but Joshua's lost his way so it'll surely happen but when ?
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