FX mini account for Canadians?

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  1. I'm in Canada and looking for a FX Broker. I have visited www.questradefx.com and they look good, but I am open to suggestions. I want to open a FX Mini at 200:1 leverage.

    I'm presently with RefcoFX.com but my account is frozen and when (if) this mess is straighend out I will be closing it.

    Any suggestions for a good Canadian FX broker? If not I will go with questradefx.com
  2. Why does it have to be Canadian?
  3. Well, as you probably know, Oanda is Canadian. :p And they are not stuck on the "mini lot" concept... that's sooo 20th century.

    Of course, you'd only get 50:1 initial / 100:1 maintenance leverage.
  4. Truff


    Try Proactivefx, they give 200:1 on mini accounts
  5. Are you in BC?

  6. Yes
  7. It's too bad you weren't with Refco Canada - they have the Canadian Investor Protection Fund -- you'd be insured up to a million dollars and your account wouldn't frozen.
  8. I am with Refco Canada.

    I posted this thread when it was announced that Refco froze the accounts and did not relize that Canadian accounts were exempt from all the BS.
  9. Oh, ok, that's good for you. You had posted Refco.com vs. Refco.ca so it appeared you had a US account. I have heard that Refco.ca is going to be acquired by fxcm. It'll be interesting to see if that protection is still provided to those that have Canadian accounts.

    I've been exploring getting a Canadian account just because of that http://cipf.ca coverage. It doesn't appear to have a downside...am waiting to hear about anyone that might have done this that's a US citizen.
  10. Where did you hear that FXCM is going to acquire REFCOFX.CA?
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