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    Well I certainly hope it works out well for the subject the OP refers to, but I can state with my own account that I was screwed on a trade that was held pending and gave me NO way to cancel it for eleven minutes.

    I have video of that as proof, and have seen another video from a friend of the same thing.

    I took a 200K lot short and it didnt' fill for 11 minutes, but the cancel pending order button would not work either. HA, what BS.

    By the time it filled me it had moved against me 30 pips, but do I get that new price after the move? HELL NO. I get the price way back up near where I shorted so I'm instantly down 600 dollars.

    It was worse for my friend in the video, he lost $1200 due to the same exact thing. When I called FXCM they tell me "oh, the order filled fine". I got the same run around as the guy in this post and they reimbursed me 50 dollars. I closed the account all but 150 dollars and gave the account to my nephew as a toy to play with and learn some, cause that is all it was worth at best, a complete POS toy.

    Of course, this is after having to deal with slippage, requotes, and more fun things of that nature.

    I was a beginner at the time, and the ONLY positive thing I can say about FXCM (not PROPFX by the way) is that the platform was easy to use as a newbie. That's been a long time now though, and Dukascopy and MBT have treated me quite well.

    I'd be happy to send video to confirm as well :)


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  2. how about youtubing that video and linking us in here. i, for one, would like to see it.

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    I'll get mine on there in a day or two and link here, and I'll find the guy I mention and his is already on the web somewhere, I'll link that too.
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    Once again this post is talking about FXCM retail platform and not the propfx platform. Please keep the posts in this thread on topic.
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  5. doesn't the subject line state FXCM / PropFX? implying both retail and prop?
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  6. Shame the guy from FXCM didn't answer my very simple question. I don't understand why....
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  7. You guys are ridiculous...he states quite clearly that he will only post when he sees something major come up and welcomes you to email him with your questions. Clearly you complainers are a bunch of chickens who won't actually risk confronting a real person...you prefer to do so anonymously where you can extrapolate your stories and hide behind your aliases. I think if nothing else it takes guts for an MD from a major firm to post his own public opinion. I'd like to see another firm do that. Good job moderator, I looked into both platforms a while ago and they are very very different.
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  8. Hmmm a TYPO or are they actually telling the truth...
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    Roberk - the subject line is very clear and mentions all of FXCM's companies, not just propfx. He did say that the propfx people are a different group, and if he is the main person for fxcm not propfx, then he's exactly the person to talk to about why I was screwed by FXCM, simple enough.

    G5, hiding behind an anyonymous board, HA, they didn't take care of their problem a long time ago, why would they now. Since I took all my money from that account I've had no less than a dozen emails asking me to come back and try the new and improved FXCM with no dealing desk (which is BS Since I was already signed up for the no dealing desk option) and several other things. Buzz off.
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    Churning accounts is their business model. Kinda like a payday loan company.....

    They know that intelligent people aren't gonna use them...but that's not what they care about anyway..They want the uneducated peoples' money and there are plenty of those types out there.

    That's one reason they don't give a damn about you, me or anyone that has a legitimate problem.
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