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  1. What can you say about gbp/chf spread 15 pips. when you get soo high spread it doesn't matter any more what sort of quality of the execution you get.
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    First of all, I traded real account at FXCM and liked their platform. But, and this is a big one, their spreads are too big. If you day trade, they will kill you. That is why I left (FXCM recently launched another platform - propfx, where spreads are tighter).

    During major news the platform freezes, especially if you trade size. Do it few times with very short time span, and you'll end up on manual. I highly recommend not to trade the news when in forex (my opinion).

    EVERY FOREX MARKET MAKER SHADES. I obviously did not observe them all, but I did see the best ones doing it, so I can only imagine what smaller/less reputable do.

    FXCM needs to bring spreads down, otherwise they will end up with a much smaller clientele.

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  4. tough to read those links without registerin' to da site and when half of them are 'not found'.
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  6. does anyone know if oanda has mini accounts
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  7. I was thinking of going with fxcm but now after hearing this im having my doubts does anyone have anything good to say about them
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  8. I think this is the only reason they have any customers...:(
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  9. no
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  10. i suggest u to read da countless threads complainin' 'bout fxcm way of handlin' orders posted here on et....u will get a good clue on how bad they really are.
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