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  1. Mostly I choose the pair like as EURUSD, EURJPY
    gold is wild but its challenging trading pair
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    When i was looking for a Forex Broker the main criteria were the following:

    1. Reliable

    2. Reputed

    3. International

    4. True ECN

    5. Regulated

    6. Fast Withdrawals

    7. Client Support

    8. Forex Forum Support

    9. Daily Analysis of the Forex Markets

    10. Crypto Trading

    I found that FXOpen Markets fulfilled all of the 10 above criteria [​IMG]
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  3. I just only hope always smoothly walking forex altogether FXOpen
    now, later and forever, based on history, they live in the financial market already more than 15 years included old broker.
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  4. This company now offer competition money manager contest, they often provide contest trading before with the name forexcup.com, now open registration money manager contest starting 2 august, here for information
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  5. FXOpen also provides an annual contest in forexcup.com, the prize for first place amount $50.000 followed by among traders that in requirement registered in FXOpen, now contest still going on.
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    Shill. Go away, or become a paid sponsor on the forum.
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  7. maxinger


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  8. Just ordinary trader in FXOpen.
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  9. I just want to say if the winner's contest on Forexcup.com is very amazing, the winner is able to increase profit by more than 1000% profit on the last period of the contest. I never do that, I think he uses algorithmic trading.
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  10. the good broker always make sure the best withdrawal system for all time.
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