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  1. domi93


    anybody familiar with this firm?

    offer a 2 pip spread on the major currencies (eur/usd, usd/chf, gbp/usd, usd/jpy). margin is 500:1. This means with a standard 100 000usd contract (1000usd) you can now control 5 regular lots. The platform offers spot SILVER and spot GOLD against the dollar (XAU/USD).

  2. 500:1 ????????????

    Fuck i get killed in a week playing with 20:1 !!! With that leverage it's a one-shot deal buddy, and you better be damn right!

    Guess how that firm makes it's money?
  3. myforex


    They are located in South Africa, do not accept US clients and require a min of $5000 US to open.

    I would advise you do not touch with a barge pole.

    Don't be so hung up with leverage, if you use proper management of your account, you will not risk the more than like 5% of your account anyway, so effectively your leverage is dependent on what you punt on each trade. If you feel really encouraged with a position, you can, if you wanted add to your position in the same direction.

    With that broker you can trade upto $2,500,000. At that lot size each pip is worth $250, fully utilising your account means you get 20 pips before a margin call or account close out.

    There are soooo many better brokers about!
  4. They DO accept US clients and their minimum is only 100 $
    for a mini-account but chat service closed before I had
    all my questions answered, kind of rude