Fxview vs ICM

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Bill Marwick, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. Which broker has lowest spreads and fast execution, anyone here have any experience with any of these brokers?
  2. Jaagup


    If we talk about spreads IC has an edge but if we include commissions fxview does. I'd say both are genuinely good. Open a small account and test.
  3. John_09


    Have heard a lot about icm, however got no personal experience. Fxview is a good one, I have tested this one on demo and now live with them. Good spreads, trading conditions are reliable and so are the executions. You can surely try.
  4. That is good to know. And withdrawals? How long do they take?
  5. John_09


    All went good so far. Got most of them within 24 hours.
  6. Ain't that nice. Talked to their live chat support, went quite well. No issues with order execution or slippage of any sorts? Also, read somewhere about trade ideas, they provide that too? Might help while trading :D
  7. John_09


    Haven’t dealt with any issues so far. Trade ideas are in the client area.
  8. thursday


    These two brokers are on my list to give a try. Anyone has any feedback on this two brokers?
  9. Gaston


    I don't have a first hand experience with icm so obviously not the right person to tell. Using fxview thou. You can take that leap of faith with them. They're good.
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  10. thursday


    That's cool! But I am hoping to know from someone who actually tried both of them. Just for the sake of comparison.
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