GBA's "2021 Stock Phantasma"

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  1. Trump to OK land swap for Rio Tinto's Resolution Copper project for just a little bit of a Russian hooker's urine-
    Jan. 04, 2021 6:54 PM ETRio Tinto Group (RIO)
    • Pres. Trump's outgoing administration is set to approve a controversial land swap needed for Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) and partner BHP to build the Resolution Copper project in Arizona, Reuters reports.
    • The U.S. Forest Service reportedly will publish a final environmental impact statement for the mining project on Jan. 15, a necessary step to complete the land exchange.
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  2. Gritstone Oncology +9.3% AH, EcoR1 discloses ~10% stake in company
    Jan. 04, 2021 5:19 PM ETGritstone Oncology, Inc. (GRTS)EcoR1 Capital disclosed a 9.99% stake in Gritstone Oncology (NASDAQ:GRTS), which represents over 4.87M shares.
    • The filing does not allow for activism.
    • Shares +9.3% during after hours.
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  3. --
    BlueLinx initiated with a Buy at Craig-Hallum

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    Velodyne Lidar price target raised to $31 from $23 at Craig-Hallum
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  5. Wow readers of the phantasma are getting their monies worth today!!!

    Ritchie Bros. added to 2021 Best Idea list at Baird <---RBA
    Is The Time Now..?


    Someone who knows help me... Is there porno on Fubo...

    FuboTV's recent weakness due to IPO lock-up expiry, says Needham
    2nd mention....
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  6. Crowdstrike price target raised to $240 from $180 at Piper Sandler
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  7. --Kopin ships first production order of 720p OLED microdisplays

    Wow....) ) ) Recap








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  8. JAMF is UNDER a secondary price don't like that-
    Jamf Holding 11M share Secondary priced at $32.00 11/19
    The deal size was increased to 11M shares of common stock from 10M shares of common stock. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BofA and Barclays acted as joint book running managers for the offering.

    RBA- Downgtaded yesterday upgraded today don't like that
    KOPN already in portfolio
    GRTS too many bios already
    HBI recent downgrade

    << 3 Best Ideas** >>
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  9. Wait I missed one Blue Linx the anti fire wood guys???

    Man some impressive numbers here VAN... Could you take a look?

    2.85 Billion revenue???? WTF

    Gross profit $356 mil

    EBITDA $131 mil

    Net income $50 mil ///

    EPS $5.41-?

    Only $10 mil cash

    $636 mil debt

    Book Value $4

    Shares outstanding only 9.46 mil<---- 75% of that tied up with institutions and insiders.

    50 day moving average $27

    200 Day $20

    Price Now--> $29 approx

    52 week change---> PLUS 92%

    Market cap 226 mil
    PE 5.43<-------------- VAN!
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  10. A lack of cash sitting around
    As asset prices have escalated, so has the appetite to chase risk. The herding into equities suggests that investors have thrown caution to the wind. Such also means they have deployed most of their investible cash.

    Once you run out of cash to invest, the next step is to borrow cash to increase equity allocations. With professional investors leveraging their bets, there isn’t much excess cash sitting around.

    Mutual fund managers are also holding record low levels of cash.

    With net exposure to equity risk by individuals at historically high levels, it suggests two things:

    1. There is little buying left from individuals to push markets marginally higher.
    2. The stock-to-cash ratio, shown below, is at levels ordinarily coincident with market peaks.
    The reality is that investors are holding very little cash as they have gone all in to chase the market higher.

    So where is all this cash?
    Money market cash levels have indeed been climbing. A chart from the Office Of Financial Research shows this:

    There are a few things we need to consider concerning money market funds.

    1. Just because I have money in a money market account doesn’t mean I am saving it for investing purposes. It could be an emergency savings account, a down payment for a house, or a vacation fund on which I want to earn a higher rate of interest.
    2. Corporations use money marketsto store cash for payroll, capital expenditures, operations and other uses not related to investing in the stock market.
    3. Foreign entities store cash in the U.S. for transactions processed in the United States, which they may not want to repatriate into their country of origin.
    The list goes on, but you get the idea.

    If you look at the chart above, you will notice that the bulk of the money is in government money market funds. Those particular types of money market funds generally have much higher account minimums (from $100,000 to $1 million), suggesting the funds are not retail investors. (Those would be the smaller balances of prime retail funds.)

    As noted, much of the “cash on the sidelines” is held by corporations. As we said in “A major support for assets has reversed,” that isn’t a surprise:

    “CEOs make decisions on how they use their cash. If concerns of a recession persist, companies will become more conservative on the use of their cash, rather than continuing to repurchase shares.” — September 2019

    As we also said in that article:

    “When stock prices do eventually fall, companies that performed un-economic buybacks would find themselves with financial losses on their hands, more debt on their balance sheets, and fewer opportunities to grow in the future. Equally disturbing, the many CEOs who sanctioned buybacks are much wealthier and unaccountable for their actions.”

    As we saw, the companies that spent billions on share buybacks over the past decade were first in line for a government bailout last year. Now companies are hoarding cash to ensure their survival against a weaker economic environment in 2021.
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