GBA's "2021 Stock Phantasma"

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  1. -FuboTV reports preliminary Q4 revenue $94M-$98M, consensus $87.36M
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  2. Motley Fools on CRWD)
    Hypergrowth: CrowdStrike

    Shares of CrowdStrike have rocketed an astounding 325% in 2020 -- and for good reason. The company is a leader in cybersecurity, an industry that's becoming increasingly important. The recently revealed hack of U.S. government agencies reveals just how high the stakes can be.

    The meteoric rise of CrowdStrike's share price is backed by its impressive growth numbers. It roughly doubled its revenue between fiscal year (FY) 2019 and FY20 and is poised to nearly double revenue again in FY21, the fiscal year that ends Jan. 31 2021.

    HOW BOUT A GUMMY?- gummybear advisors loves you.

    CrowdStrike now expects to earn nearly 20% more revenue in FY21 than it originally forecast, not to mention notch its first profitable year (in adjusted numbers). These headline numbers seem to be driven by CrowdStrike growing its services offering and generating more revenue per customer. This is a big point. If CrowdStrike's existing customers are willing to spend more money and adopt its new services, it's creating something that the market values.

    Picking up a few shares of CrowdStrike could be a good choice for investors looking for a red-hot growth stock. But keep in mind that the company is trading at a sky-high price-to-sales (P/S) ratio of 63. It will need to continue growing at a fast pace to justify its premium price.
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  3. << 3 Best Ideas** >>
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  4. mac


    I’ve never seen porn on FUBO!,,
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  5. I have to create cash and I don't have a bitcoin mining machine. I did spend an entire night watching a guy mining bitcoin on youtube and it was fascinating except that when he was done the next day he had created $1 US dollar which was weird it never converted to Bitcoins crazy price. So I may of just been watching some money laundering scheme.

    We have these two bios and one looks better than the other--

    NGM Biopharmaceuticals named a top pick, price target boosted to $43 at Stifel >>>
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  6. Moralist bastards... I don't like the DISH set up it's very clunky but when I'm out on the barrier beach of Fire Island.. (pre- pandemic) Everyone has them and the porn variety is outstanding. I never watch it because I'm just renting and it will show up on the owner's bill.

    A stk in a company that could take my rental, convert it to bitcoin and then back again, confusing people. Then gives a receipt in Bitcoin that does not have the name of the rental...
    that might be a good idea...
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  7. Successful $1 swing-> was $29.50 at 9:40

    BlueLinx Holdings Inc. (BXC)

    30.41+2.44 (+8.71%)
    As of 10:21AM EST. Market open.
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  8. Freakin' XPEV Van i should of sold when I was gloating....
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  9. fuboTV Inc. (FUBO)

    $28.80+4.56 (+18.81%)<----
    As of 10:2
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  10. vanzandt


    You called that at 8:30 EST.

    It was right at $26ish.
    $30.35 now!
    Great call Stoney.
    Beautiful kick-off to day 2 of 2021.

    Nasstassia suggested you trademark that phrase; you know those Eastern European women, they always think someone is gonna steal something. Of course this why I don't get too friendly with Yulia when she's around as much as I'd like to. What was that one lady that lived up there by you? Loraine Bobbit? That's all I need right? Not to mention I bought Natty a gourmet chef knife set for Xmas. Expensive af btw.

    Kudos to @Gaslight Capital and his brilliant thread title idea.
    Out of respect to him you can't use it as a unique header.


    See you can click on it Stoney.
    Folks will just have to look here.
    I guess you can take it to Twitter now and open the GBA account.
    I'll do the artwork. Poor man's copyright.

    I went to the dentist this AM so I missed the trade I wanted to do, which was take the airlines long. Just a daytrade, I figured a gillion shorts opened positions yesterday on the UK lockdown thing... looks like the trade would have worked out. Good news is "look mom... no cavities". I've never had one actually. Friggin dentist office was like going into a clean-room at AMD or Micron... I'm surprised I didn't need some kind of test. They just took my temperature. Yeah, like that'll work. wtf.

    Wonder if the Turtle (not the one under your grotto, the one in DC)... wonder if he'll get the boot via the good folks of GA(?). Trump was in Dalton last night. That's a good place to buy carpet in bulk if you ever build new digs for GBA's HQ fwiw. Those carpet mills... they've been inhaling toxic fumes over there for 80 years. You know they'll vote red.

    I'll have to look at the stradlle on some of the bigger weed stocks here in a minute.... they're up. That might be a better proxy for the odds of a Dem win than all the useless polls.

    VIX jumped 20% yesterday. Remember what I said Sunday? It'll come back down. 17 is a good level.

    You have to shovel snow to get your cars out? Yikes. Don't be cheap, break bread and pay someone stoney. That's probably the #1 way in the world to hurt your back. You don't want that.

    More to follow. No trades yet.
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