German ESFS vote

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  1. What time will results be in EST tomorrow?
  2. S2007S


    I was searching for that info as well, couldnt find much, you would think it would be all over bloomberg and cnbc but nope nothing, I guess its not as important as they think it is, all I know is that its going to be a big market mover one way or the other. Tomorrow the SPX could easily break 1120!!!
  3. Vote should be arnd 7 - 8AM EST.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Result is already clear: It will be accepted.
    Only question is how many votes.

    Since this is clear already for some time it's already in the price (big upmove started on Friday).
    Probably afterwards selling will kick in (after some early excitement).
  6. So far, a pretty muted response to the successful vote. Could get ugly today. We shall see.

  7. this is a vote from a deal struck back in july 2011.

    its so far behind curve you might as well announce armstrong has landed on the moon