Get it while it's HOT

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mikeriley, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. mikeriley


    Holding this one for 100 ticks (It may ride for 200+)

    Entry 13346.50
    Looking to Exit at 13371.80

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  2. maxinger


    as mentioned, don't expect it to move much during the Asian session.

    it is already cold.

    you should have traded Taiwan index futures as there is ongoing
    China / Taiwan problem.
    It is very hot !!!!
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  3. mikeriley


    Holding steady at 81 ticks..I think it's going to hit 100
  4. Overnight


    THIS, @KCalhoun This is what you need to show on your charts. Entry, PT and ST! GAH!
  5. Overnight


    It probably will. And when it does, you will sleep well tonight knowing you are not in on the NFP tomorrow morning. Evil data print, hehe!
  6. Overnight


    You talking to me, or to Ken? I am talking to Ken here.
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  7. mikeriley


    My apologies Overnight, thought you were referring to me
  8. Overnight


    You got a lot of work to do on how you read forums. Don't let good profits get to your head, and make you cocky. You are only as good as your last trade. I can see you are going to get your 100 ticks. But do not let that make you boastful. Bad juju.
  9. mikeriley


    I totally understand, badjuju use to ride my back.
    I know the worth of walking in humility when it comes to the

    Not trying to be "cocky"..the below picture is my trading philosophy.

    Thank you

  10. mikeriley


    I tapped out at 76 ticks. But this looks like a pullback.
    So, my plan is to reposition and enter again at the same
    last entry of 13346.50
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