Get long bitcoin.

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by Giddiyup, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Giddiyup


    Get long! 93xx. !!
  2. Giddiyup


    I dont have any. Looks real good. And since no one knows me this call will work.
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  3. noddyboy


    It will be the new gold. Of course a buy.
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  4. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    It already is the new gold. And with all this regulation going on, there should be no reason why it shouldn't make new highs within the next few years.
  5. gaussian


    It is absolutely not. It’s heavily manipulated and unregulated to the point it is a casino. I have no idea how people think it is a store of value. Simple economics seems to elude cryptocurrency fans.
  6. Overnight


    What regulation? All I remember reading about is that agencies are now preventing some states to disallow it altogether. It has the backing of no governmental agency? It is a wild-west instrument.

    And giddyup/gaussian, if you really believed in it, why didn't you go long at $4000? Yer' just chart following, and are finally convinced that it will keep going up from here.

    That's usually the time the rug gets pulled from under your feet.
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  7. Giddiyup


    Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme on the grandest scale. But who cares. It's going up! 15k.
  8. I went long at 3k.

    Look at the other thread. When everybody was screaming bitcoin to fall to 1k, I proposed a bet it will reach 20k first before 1k(This was when bitcoin was near 3k). I even explained that the support is ridiculously strong if it ever reaches 1kish to 2k that I dont see it falling to the 1k level.
  9. Giddiyup


    Noone cares where anyone went long. We are talking about a trade. Someone bought Bitcoin at 50 cents. Someone bought apple at 5 dollars. Who cares.

    If bitcoin breaks 10k buy more.
  10. True.

    If it breaks 10k and then 20k. It will be too late for the masses to obtain even 1 bitcoin. How many people can afford 20k at one go?

    After it breaks 20k, it will be off to the races to 100k++ and it wont fall below 20k again. By then they will be mad that they did not buy some cheap btc when its still relatively affordable.
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