Getting a new dog today.

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    It's been over 3 years since my lab passed away. I will never forget how horrible the day was when he had to be put down. He was 15, and I had him for 13 years. I love dogs, but I have been reluctant to get another one, because I was avoiding the pain of losing him/her.

    But I got a FB message from a friend who's sister in law had just passed away. It was her dog, and the husband can't deal with the memories or taking care of it. She shows up today after supper time. Her name is Lulu. I will treat her well. And I'll post pics later.

    She is going to be very shy in the new environment at first, but I think she'll warm up to the big yard and the 80 acres of pasture land. I'll just have to teach her that cows hate dogs. I'll keep a close eye on that.

    Pics later.
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    the day you took you sick dog to the final vet visit will haunt you forever..the more you love them the clearer the vision is..I remember almost every second and it kills me :(
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    Oh, how I know how it feels. They left me in the room with him for as long as I wanted, and I wasn't done crying for at least 5 minutes. It took me another couple of minutes to gather myself and thank the staff before I left.
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    Fantastic to read you have a new dog.
    We went through what you did with our 2 Goldens. Both died of cancer, one was 6 and the other 9. After the second one I said I am done with pets. It tore me up sitting with him while they put him to sleep. It took me awhile sitting in the van after to feel like I could drive home. I have both their footprints the vet made for us in the office with me.
    About six months later one of my wife's employees who has an Aunt that runs a rescue in Genesee Depot mentioned they had a perfect guy for us. I saw his picture and that was the end of no more dogs.
    Enjoy and have fun.
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  5. Although you have not had a dog for a while, the new one will have you fully trained in less than two weeks.


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    Having to put our doggie to sleep was incredibly painful, I understand your grief. I am glad you're giving Lulu a good, safe home.
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    It's not happening. The owner called when he was almost here and said he couldn't stand the look on his daughters faces when he said Lulu was going to a new home. He was still very shaken up over the loss of his wife. We talked for about 15 minutes, and I told him he was doing the right thing by taking the dog back to his kids. There are plenty of dogs out there, and the happiness of those kids is a hell of a lot more important than my short term disappointment.
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    Lol. Been there, done that. I used to try and make my lab sleep on the floor, and I would wake up in the middle of the night with him looking at me with his head on the other pillow. I'd just call him a dork and go back to sleep.
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    I'm glad you got a new dog. Although Lulu didn't work out, this made me realize I am ready. I also have foot prints of Brewster.

    20 minutes til the open. I suppose I should get to work.

    Thank you everyone.
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    Sorry to see it fell through with Lulu. If you do start looking, the rescue we went through has an endless supply of rescues of all ages, almost all from Mississippi. At the same time there are lots of rescue places with great buddies in the making.
    I thought we would only have a Golden after our 2 goofballs, but our rescue is just as fantastic.
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