Getting personal loan in USA (Indian citizen)

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  1. Hello.

    I am 34 and am looking for a job in USA (any of 50 states). My salary would be around 20000 per year(1600 per month) and I am not yet shifted. I will be in USA on work visa.

    I wanted to know what is the best way to get a personal loan, whatever the APR of interest may be. I want to get the loan within the first 6 months of doing my job.

    I am looking for a loan up to $50000 at any interest rate. I have never been to USA before.
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    Collateral would help ...
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    Even in this asinine market no one aside from a loan shark will float someone this money given your anticipated income. You're talking an over 2:1 leverage factor. The payments would likely consist of the majority of every paycheck you make.

    I went to go look at Dollar Loan Center, and it seems the most you can get is $5,000 with a signature. The APRs at these places are exorbitant. You might be able to find more money with an even worse APR in several of the states that lack Usury laws.

    You can probably get more cash from a bank with collateral. Though the fact you are asking this question means you likely lack the assets to get a loan directly from a bank. Ultra high leverage loans need collateral (think houses).

    I would not do this OP. There's nothing good to be gained from a personal loan.
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    What type of work do you want?
    Where would you prefer to live?
  5. You'll probably be able to acquire more money from a bank if you have collateral. Though the fact that you're asking this question indicates that you probably don't have enough assets to get a bank loan. Collateral is required for ultra-high-leverage loans. Why don't you try a short term loan? There you can get a loan without collateral.
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    Ask human resources what bank your company uses.

    Call the bank and tell them you will do direct deposit and let them take the payments straight out of your account.
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